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Product Description

Pinterest Widget Slider Pro Module for Joomla! – Pinterest Pinboard Slider

Joomla Version Compatibility Information – This package includes: (1 Joomla Module)

Pinterest Widget Slider Pro for Joomla! 2.5-3.x – Version 1.00 Updated 10-15-2015

  • 1 Joomla Module


General Overview:

  • Choose Pinterest Widget Slider Type (Pinterest PinBoard or Pinterest Profile)
  • Custom Size Settings (Square, Sidebar, Header, Roll Your Own)
  • Set Language (All languages)
  • Parsetags (Onload or Explicit mode)


Badge Types:

  • Pinterest PinBoard: This badge will generate a sliding image filled block displaying the most recent Pins posted to the specific Pin Board that you select in these settings. (variable height x variable width) that displays the latest pin’s associated with the specific Pinterest PinBoard that you choose.
  • Pinterest Profile: Includes the profile badge features and adds some additional functionality. They help Google consolidate +1’s from your website and your Google+ page, and make your website eligible for Google+ Direct Connect.


Quick Installation & Configuration Instructions (Module):

  1. Download the Pinterest Widget Slider from our website.
  2. Make note of the downloaded file location where you save the module on your computer.
  3. Login to your Joomla backend and navigate to the admin top menu and click on ‘Extensions‘.
  4. From the drop down menu click on ‘Manage‘.
  5. Click the ‘Browse‘ button and navigate to the location where you saved the module to your computer.
  6. Either double-click the ‘‘ or highlight it and press the open button.
  7. Press ‘Upload & Install‘.
  8. Navigate back to and click on ‘Extensions‘ on the top Menu.
  9. Now click on ‘Modules‘ from the drop down menu.
  10. In the ‘Filter‘ input box type ‘Pinterest Widget Slider‘ and click the magnifying glass for search.
  11. Now click on ‘Pinterest Widget Slider‘ to open the Module Configuration.
  12. Set your module position to something that won’t display (Try debug).
  13. Change the module status to ‘Published’.
  14. Set your menu assignment to the pages where you wish the slider to be displayed.
  15. Leave the jQuery set to load unless you have jquery already loaded on your site.
  16. Choose the type of badge that you wish to display.
  17. Copy and paste the URL from your Profile or Page or Community into the ‘Pinterest Board URL‘ field.
  18. Set the width and the height that you would like the badge to appear.
  19. Save & Close.


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